Applying education to develop and share best practice in training, development; and change

The MAON Education Initiative helps universities, professional institutes, public service academies, leading business schools and institutions prepare people and organisations for change; and to build individual, organisational, and institutional change.

Working with partners across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, MAON exchanges and contributes to the body of knowledge, learning and best practices in learning and change.

Project and programme evaluation, auditing, appraisals and reviews

Project and programme evaluations, audits, appraisals and reviews are all tools for exploring and learning from the implementation of educational initiatives. They should lead to organisational and process improvements in delivering benefits.

We offer:

  • Qualitative and quantitative methodologies utilising a wide range of investigative techniques.
  • Ongoing, annual, mid-term and final evaluations.
  • Strategic reviews of programme performance, management and partnership working.
  • Reporting and dissemination of best practice findings on a practical and policy level.


Applying research to initiate change

MAON Research advances change readiness through well-researched, innovative methods of applying good practice to complex challenges across all sectors.

As a central knowledge exchange point for advancing change readiness as applied good practice, we are dedicated to transferring research into practice through partnerships with clients, business schools, public service academies, universities, professional institutions and individuals who lead in their specific fields.

Our practical learning and best practices are embedded in our methodology and available to support your research projects, consulting, training and education needs.