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Elected Member Development Programme

Supporting Your Community Champions

Local government is changing and in response to the Government White Paper ‘Strong and Prosperous Communities’, more and more councils are recognising that the development of effective leadership for its councillors is critical in delivering local government reform.

The rationale for developing Members is at once compelling and responsive to the changing needs and nature of local government in the 21st century. The demand for new skills and knowledge combined with the need to develop and master these skills now and in the future will become the factor that defines the success of leaders to steward.

We embrace the National Charter for Member Development and the IdeA Political Skills Framework. As a listed supplier of the Leadership Centre for Local Government and an approved centre of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) we offer accredited and non-accredited Member Development programmes that can attain the National Charter for Member Development, and achieve the CMI Diploma in Pubic Service Leadership.

Working together, we would assist you to bid for the finances to achieve your plans, identify free provision, design and deliver a solid, sustainable development programme, which Members own and engage in; and the Council can build into its learning portfolio, including:

  • Action planning to achieve the Charter
  • Signing up to the Charter
  • Facilitating the development of Elected Members
  • Awarding the Charter, and
  • Re-assessment, if necessary

Our approach blends learning styles with development, bespoke coaching and mentoring.

Elected Member Training Courses

These courses aim to provide training for elected members of local authorities in all aspects of planning that they face, whether as ward representatives, members of development control committees or as members of a council’s executive/cabinet. The outlined courses have drawn strongly from the syllabus Training in Planning for Councillors published in 1999, Training in Planning for Councillors, and underpinned by the IDeA Member Development Framework.

For a list of training courses please click here.

Masterclasses for Elected Member Development

To facilitate Member Development, MAON organises a programme of masterclasses based on the identified needs of the council to provide subject matter learning. Masterclasses are designed to:

  • Enable Members to have a direct and immediate encounters subject matter experts in specific areas related to their continuous learning and development
  • Enhance performance at higher levels
  • Extend Member knowledge and understanding of subjects and topics
  • Engage, encourage and inspire Members in the art and practice of the subject areas

For a list of Masterclasses please click here.

Consultancy Services

As well as delivering training events we also offer a consultancy service. The following list shows the type of consultancy projects we can help you with:

  • Member Engagement
  • Enhancing Partnership Value: Using a tried and tested tool developed in-house for assessing sustainability and impact of LAAs and LSPs
  • Capacity Assessment against Improvement & Change Interventions
  • Elected Member Development and Support to achieve Charter Status
  • Coaching and Personal Development Sessions for Individual Members, Committee Members, the Cabinet and Officer/Member Groups
  • Facilitating Cross-Authority Action Learning Sets
  • Supporting Local Authorities in Funding Applications for Capacity Building
  • Project Management of Community Projects